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Studying the complexity of change: toward an analytical framework for understanding deliberate social-ecological transformations, Michele-Lee Moore, Ola Tjornbo, Elin Enfors, Corrie Knapp, Jennifer Hodbod, Jacopo A. Baggio, Albert Norström, Per Olsson, and Duan Biggs; Ecology and Society


Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating a No-Child-Left-Inside Pilot Program, Claudia Radel, Jamie C. Brand, and Roslynn Brain; Applied Environmental Education & Communication


Exercises for Bringing the Hypothetico-Deductive Method to Life, H. Charles Romesburg; The American Biology Teacher

A social-ecological approach to estuary restoration planning: integrating social networks into landscapes, J. Sayles and Jacopo A. Baggio; 2014 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference

Perceived damage and areas of needed research for wildlife pests of California agriculture, Robert H. Schmidt, Roger A. Baldwin, Terrell P. Salmon, and Robert M. Timm; Zoology

Insights for Managers from Modeling Species Interactions across Multiple Scales in an Idealized Landscape, Michael Schoon, Jacopo A. Baggio, Kehinde R. Salau, and Marco Janssen; Environmental Modelling and Software

Can smallholders engage in tree plantations? An entitlements analysis from Vietnam, Thomas Sikor and Jacopo A. Baggio; World Development


A More Social Science: Barriers and Incentives for Scientists Engaging in Policy, Gerald G. Singh, Jordan Tam, Thomas D. Sisk, Sarah Klain, Megan E. Mach, Rebecca G. Martone, and Kai M. A. Chan; Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment


Geographic Determinants of Rural Land Covers and the Agricultural Margin in the Central United States, Timothy J. Stoebner and Christopher L. Lant; Applied Geography

Collapse and Sustainability: Rome, the Maya, and the Modern World, Joseph A. Tainter; The Resilience and Vulnerability of Ancient Landscapes: Transforming Maya Archaeology Through IHOPE

Complexity and Collapse: What is the Role of Climate?, Joseph A. Tainter; "Past Climate Change and Societal Disruption," Urbino, Italy

Complexity, Collapse, Sustainability, Joseph A. Tainter; Alpen-Adria University, Vienna University of Business and Economics

Depletion and Innovation: The Sustainability Balancing Act, Joseph A. Tainter; "Center for Research in Sustainability, Collapse-Preparedness, and Information Technology," Department of Informatics, University of California, Irvine

Energy Gain and Complexity: Using the Human and Ecological Past to Understand our Future, Joseph A. Tainter; 2014 Annual Meeting of the Society for Economic Anthropology, Austin, TX

May 7, Joseph A. Tainter; Global Chorus: 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet

Resource Trends: The Fundamental Question of Sustainability, Joseph A. Tainter; Center for Environment and Development Studies, Uppsala University

What is Transformation?, Joseph A. Tainter; "Social Transformations to Sustainability," oraginzed by the International Social Science Council and the Potsdam Institute for Advanced Sustainability Science, Potsdam, Germany

Complexity, Problem-Solving, Sustainability and Resilience, Joseph A. Tainter and Temis G. Taylor; Builiding Research & Information


Agent Based Modelling of lab experimental data: Cooperation in asymmetric commons dilemma, Jacopo A. Baggio

Synchronization of Management Strategies, Jacopo A. Baggio; 2013 Computational Social Science Society of America Annual Conference


A Social–Ecological Approach to Conservation Planning: Embedding Social Considerations, Natalie C. Ban, Morena Mills, Jordan Tam, Christina C. Hicks, Sarah Klain, Natalie Stoeckl, Madeleine C. Bottrill, Jordan Levine, Robert L. Pressey, Terre Satterfield, and Kai M. A. Chan; Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

The Evolution and empirical estimation of ecological-economic production possibility frontiers, Elias G. Bekele, Christopher L. Lant, Sethuram Soman, and Girmay Misgna; Ecological Economics


Extension sustainability: Research, outreach, and communication techniques to foster positive change, Roslynn Brain


Researching and Communicating Environmental Issues Among Farmers and Ranchers: Implications for Extension Outreach, Roslynn Brain, T. Irani, and M. Monroe; The Journal of Extension

Transitioning Conservative Students Into Environmental Leaders Through Service Learning: A Step-By-Step Guide For Educators, Roslynn Brain and K. Ladd; The 9th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Hiroshima, Japan


Biking as an Alternative Mode of Transportation, Roslynn Brain and Jared Stapp; USU Extension Publication


Undergraduate students as sustainability consultants: Applying service-learning to enhance career skills and foster community environmental sustainability, Roslynn Brain and B. Thomas; Sustainability: The Journal of Record


Permaculture, Roslynn Brain and Blake Thomas; USU Extension Publication: Sustainability

Resettlement and coloniality in the Mahaweli Ganga Watershed, Emily Burchfield; Annual Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference on Nature/Society


Extending a Geographic Lens Towards Climate Justice, Part 1: Climate Change Characterization and Impacts, Morey Burnham, Claudia Radel, Zhao Ma, and Ann Laudati; Geography Compass


Extending a Geographic Lens Towards Climate Justice, Part 2: Climate Action, Morey Burnham, Claudia Radel, Zhao Ma, and Ann Laudati; Geography Compass


Home Gardening: Quick Tips to Efficient Watering, Jordan Burningham and Roslynn Brain


Designing Your Home For Maximum Natural Lighting, P. Bytheway and Roslynn Brain; USU Extension Publication


Rangeland Carbon Sequestration, Seth Cook, Zhao Ma, and Roslynn Brain


Improving Resilience in Mixed Farming Systems to Pending Climate Change in Far Western Nepal, D. Layne Coppock

Enhancing theutility of visitor impact assessment in parks and protected areas: A combined social-‐‐ ecological approach, Ashley D'Antonio, Christopher Monz, P. Newman, S. Lawson, and D. Taff; Journal of Environmental Management


Keeping Wetlands Wet in the Western United States: Adaptations to Drought in Agriculture-Dominated Human-Natural Systems, Rebekah Downward and Joanna Endter-Wada; Journal of Environmental Management


Freestores: What, Why, and How, T. Durr and Roslynn Brain; USU Extension Publication

Clean Water Scarcity, Joanna Endter-Wada; The Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy


Water Needs and Wants, Joanna Endter-Wada; TEDxUSU


RESEARCH REPORT: Water User Dimensions of Meter Implementation on Secondary Pressurized Irrigation Systems, Joanna Endter-Wada, Diana Glenn, Clayton Lewis, Roger Kjelgren, and Christopher Neale

Water User Dimensions of Meter Implementation on Secondary Pressurized Irrigation Systems, Joanna Endter-Wada, Diana T. Glenn, Clayton S. Lewis, Roger Kjelgren, and Christopher M. U. Neale; Research Report for Weber Basin Water Conservancy District and the US Bureau of Reclamation

Promoting Urban Water Use Accountability and Conservation through Providing Site-Specific Information Feedback on Appropriateness and Change in Landscape Irrigation, Joanna Endter-Wada, Diana T. Glenn, Clayton S. Lewis, Christopher M. U. Neale, and Roger Kjelgren; 19th International Symposium for Society and Resource Management, Estes Park, Colorado, USA, June 4-8

A century of water supply expansion for ten U.S. cities, Chowdhury Farhat, Christopher L. Lant, and Benedykt Dziegielewski; Applied Geography

The effects of geographical distribution on the reliability of wind energy, Samual M. Fisher, Justin T. Schoof, Christopher L. Lant, and Matthew D. Therrell; Applied Geography

The New Social and Behavioral MCAT Requirements: Inspired Innovation, Missed Opportunity, or Both?, Nat B. Frazer and Michael P. Twohig; Peer Review

Visitor Experience and Social Science Indicators of NPS-Alaska Coastal Resources NPS NRTR Report, Kelly A. Goonan, Christopher Monz, and L. Philips; Visitor Experience and Social Science Indicators of NPS-‐‐Alaska Coastal Resources NPS NRTR Report


Energy educational programming in biomass: Research, outreach, and collaboration, D. Hanks, D. McAvoy, and Roslynn Brain; Extension program presented at the National Energy Extension Summit


Meat-Wise Eating Habits, J. Haycock, K. Anderson, and Roslynn Brain; USU Extension Publication


Communicating climate and sustainability issues through extension programming, C. Jones, M. Apel, Roslynn Brain, K. Cooper, C. Elliott, R. Kalenak, S. Kantor, C. Kruger, and J. McDonnell; Supersession Special Seminar presented to the Galaxy IV Conference – Bridging the Centuries: A New Era for Extension

Evolution and empirical estimation of ecological-economic production possibiliteis frontiers, Christopher L. Lant and E. Bekele

Annual Reports to NSF on: Climate Change, Hydrology, and Landscapes of America's Heartland: A coupled Natural-Human system, Christopher L. Lant, G. Misgna, J. Schoof, and S. Secchi

Factors Influencing Behavioral Intentions for Leave No Trace Behavior in National Parks, B. Lawhon, P. Newman, D. Taff, J. Vaske, W. Vagias, S. Lawson, and Christopher Monz; Journal of Interpretation Research


Beef Production & Consumption: Sustainable Alternatives, Jennifer W. MacAdam and Roslynn Brain

Recent advances in recreation ecology and the implications of different relationships between recreation use and ecological impacts, Christopher Monz, C. M. Pickering, and W. Hadwen; Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Input-output analysis of virtual water transfers: Case study of California and Illinois, Stanley T. Mubako, Sajal Lahiri, and Christopher L. Lant; Ecological Economics

Agricultural Virtual Water Trade and Water Footprint of U.S. States, Stanley T. Mubako and Christopher L. Lant; Annals of the Association of American Geographers

The elephant in the room: absentee landowner issues inconservation and land management, P. Petrzelka, Zhao Ma, and S. Malin; Land Use Policy

An "IGERT" model for interdisciplinary doctoral education in water-related science and policy, Nicholas Pinter, Lizette Chevalier, Rhonda Kowalchuk, and Christopher L. Lant


Literature searches with Google Scholar: Knowing what you are and are not getting, H. Charles Romesburg; Groundwork

Humans and Nature: How Knowing and Experiencing Nature Affect Well-Being, Roly Russell, Anne D. Guerry, Patricia Balvanera, Rachelle K. Gould, Xavier Basurto, Kai M. A. Chan, Sarah Klain, Jordan Levine, and Jordan Tam; Annual Review of Environment and Resources

Culture, Intangibles and Metrics in Environmental Management, Terre Satterfield, Robin Gregory, Sarah Klain, Mere Roberts, and Kai M. A. Chan; Journal of Environmental Management

The Challenges of Incorporating Cultural Ecosystem Services into Environmental Assessment, Debra Satz, Rachelle K. Gould, Kai M. A. Chan, Anne Guerry, Bryan Norton, Terre Satterfield, Benjamin S. Halpern, Jordan Levine, Ulalia Woodside, Neil Hannahs, Xavier Basurto, and Sarah Klain; AMBIO

Wildlife pests of California agriculture: Regional variability and subsequent impacts on management, Robert H. Schmidt, Roger A. Baldwin, Terell P. Salmon, and Robert M. Timm; Crop Protection


Life Literacy: Education for a Sustainable Future, L. Shirley and Roslynn Brain; 2013 Family and Consumer Sciences Education Summer Conference


Discovering sustainable resources in Utah through Cooperative Extension, M. Stuver and Roslynn Brain; 2013 USU Extension Annual Conference

Energy and Existential Sustainability: The Role of Reserve Capacity, Joseph A. Tainter; Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management

Energy, Complexity, and Innovation, Joseph A. Tainter; "Getting Inside the Black Box: Technological Evolution and Economic Growth," at the Santa Fe Institute

Energy Gain and the Evolution of Complexity, Joseph A. Tainter

L'Effondrement des Societes Complexes, Joseph A. Tainter; Le Retour aux Sources, La Fenderie, Aube

Ons Energiedilemma, Oftewel: Wat Weet Een Vis Van Water?, Joseph A. Tainter; Méér!

The Fundamental Question, Joseph A. Tainter; "Science and the Future." Politecnico di Torino

Complexity and Sustainability, Joseph A. Tainter and Temis G. Taylor; "Resilience and the Built Environment," at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich


Campus-wide participatory planning: Moving quickly from thought to action, B. Thomas and Roslynn Brain; 2013 North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Conference


Using participatory action research to foster successful large-scale campus sustainability events, B. Thomas and Roslynn Brain; Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) annual conference


Easy Steps to Reduce Your Energy Bill, B. Thomas, Brett Tingey, and Roslynn Brain; USU Extension Publication


Uintah Basin Revisited - 2012-2013 Bioregional Planning Studio Project, Richard E. Toth, Matthew Coombs, C Michael Gottfredson, and Tyler Allen


Developing Adaptive Capacity to Droughts: The Rationality of Locality, Lisa Welsh, Joanna Endter-Wada, Rebekah Downard, and Karin Kettenring


Developing Adaptive Capacity to Droughts: The Rationality of Locality, Lisa Welsh, Joanna Endter-Wada, Rebekah Downward, and Karin M. Kettenring; Ecology and Society

Evolution of agricultural watersheds in a systems management framework, Nicklow J. W., L. C. Misgna, Christopher L. Lant, and S. E. Kraft; Water Resources Systems Analysis through Case Studies: Data and models for decision-making


Indicators and standards of quality for paddling on Lake Champlain, L. Anderson, R. E. Manning, Christopher Monz, and Kelly A. Goonan; Journal of Great Lakes Research

Behavior and Community Action, Roslynn Brain; The 9th Annual Intermountain Bioneers Sustainability Conference: First Presbyterian Church, Logan, UT


Changing Lives in a Semester: A Teaching Approach to Help With Tenure and Promotion While Providing an Experience They'll Never Forget, Roslynn Brain; North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Journal

Cultural Influences on Ranchers' Decisions to Engage in a Conservation Easement Agreement, Roslynn Brain; The 2012 National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals Conference, Park City, UT

Effective Public Speaking, Roslynn Brain; SOC 6800: Teaching Strategies for Sociology, Utah State University, Logan, UT


Fostering University-Wide Sustainable Behaviors Through Service Learning: A Classroom Transition From Theory to Real World Application, Roslynn Brain; The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

Greening Your Gardening, Eating, and Shopping Experience: Easy Tips and Techniques Toward a More Sustainable Lifestyle, Roslynn Brain; The 3rd Annual Intermountain Sustainability Summit, Weber State University, Ogden, UT

Making Sense of "Sustainability": Fostering Targeted Pro-Environmental Behaviors, Roslynn Brain; ENVS 6480: Graduate Orientation Seminar, Utah State University, Logan, UT

Marketing and Outreach Techniques for the USU Student Organic Farm, Roslynn Brain; PSC 4900: Student Farm Practicum, USU, Logan, UT

Migrations: Moving Your Audience With Effective Nonformal Teaching Techniques, Roslynn Brain; 23rd Annual Utah Environmental Education Conference, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Brigham City, UT

Students as Environmental Change Agents: Fostering Major Campus-Wide Sustainability Efforts in One Semester, Roslynn Brain; Utah Campus Compact Moab Faculty Retreat, Moab, UT

Sustainability Dilemmas, Roslynn Brain; ENVS 5550/6550: Sustainability: Concepts and Measurement, USU, Logan, UT

Sustain Your Life; Utah State University Extension Sustainability, Roslynn Brain; The Student Sustainability Office Concert, Utah State University, Logan, UT


The Local Food Movement: Definitions, Benefits, and Resources, Roslynn Brain; USU Extension Publication


USU Extension Sustainability, Roslynn Brain; IVC Broadcast

Workplace, Customer and Community Engagement Networking, Roslynn Brain; 2nd Annual Utah Business Sustainability conference, Salt Lake City, UT

"Paper or Plastic?" How Will You Answer?, Roslynn Brain and J. Clark; Science Unwrapped Series Exhibit, USU, Logan, UT

Key Influences on Decisions to Enter Into Conservation Easement Agreements: Tools for Extension, Roslynn Brain, T. Irani, and M. Hostetler; The 8th Annual Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals Conference, Hendersonville, NC


Transitioning conservative students into environmental leaders through service learning: A step-by-step guide for educators, Roslynn Brain and Kristin Ladd

Local Agriculture and Sustainability, Roslynn Brain, Jennifer W. MacAdam, J. Reeve, and T. Steinitz; USU Ag Week: Sustainable Agriculture Panel, Logan, UT