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Experimental Validation Data for CFD of Steady and Transient Mixed Convection on a Vertical Flat Plate, Blake W. Lance


Grazing Exclosure Experiment on the Henry Mountains of Southern Utah, Johan du Toit and Dustin Ranglack

Further Examination of the Geographic Range of Eriogonum corymbosum var. nilesii (Polygonaceae), Mark W. Ellis, Paul G. Wolf, Shannon Bardot, James A. Walton, Carol A. Rowe, Sarah Kulpa, and Karen E. Mock; Phytotaxa

Refined climate downscaling for the Intermountain West, Robert Gillies, Rong Li, Shih-Yu Wang, and Jiming Jin


Sweeping Langmuir Probe (SLP) of the STORMs Sounding Rocket Mission, Padmashri Suresh and Charles Swenson

An Exploration of Fern Genome Space, Paul G. Wolf, Joshua Der, Fay-Wei Li, Carl J. Rothfels, Mathew A. Gitzendanner, Clayton J. Visger, Marchant D. Blaine, Douglas E. Soltis, Pamela S. Soltis, and Kathleen M. Pryer; Botany 2014


Genotyping-by-Sequencing for Populus Population Genomics: An Assessment of Genome Sampling Patterns and Filtering Approaches, Paul G. Wolf, Martin P. Schilling, Aaron M. Duffy, Hardeep S. Rai, Carol A. Rowe, Karen E. Mock, and Bryce A. Richardson; PLOS One



MetaCom: Automated Data Processing and Analysis of Metagenomic Community Sequences, Cody A. Tramp and Charles D. Miller



Predictive Mathematical Model for Polyhydroxybutyrate Synthesis in Escherichia coli, Angela Dixon